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If You've Ever Wished You Could Just Start Over, Don't Miss This

Wise Readers,

The journey to find quality, age appropriate men (or women!) can be frustrating, right? 

 Sometimes, it can feel nearly impossible. 


You might consider giving up … but something tells you to keep going. 

 Because it’s so important to you to find lasting love with a great partner!


Well, I have great news for you…it’s never too lateto start over—to begin a new chapter in life and in love! You can create your dream life and your dream relationship NOW. THIS is your opportunity.

 It’s time to write a new, thrilling chapter in the story of your life—and your romance! 


My good friend, Life & Transformational Coach Suzanne Oshima, is on a mission to empower and inspire women to show you how to turn around your life.

 And she’s hosting a complimentary powerful interview series that brings together the top notch experts in one place, including me, to share how you can start a new chapter of your life and find love again! 


It’s called, It’s Never Too Late … to Hit Reset and Start Over in Life & Love! 


You can reserve your spot at no cost here:  

 It’s Never Too Late …

To Hit Reset and Start Over in Life & Love!


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Don't Bumble Your Way Into Dating! Your Online Presence

Wise Readers,

This NEW podcast covers a lot of ground in a short timeframe, from which dating sites to avoid or use, to what your profile needs in it, to how to tell someone, “No texting!”




Broken Hearted? The Surprising Truth About Healing

Wise Readers,

Got heartbreak? The price of great love is great grief when it ends…yet we can all heal and move forward. Here, the surprising best path to doing that, based on science (of course!).


Moving a Stagnant Relationship towards Commitment

Wise Readers:
How can you move a stagnant relationship to commitment? It’s probably not what you think! NEW interview with Single In Stilettos founder Suzanne Oshima is here:



Four Ways To Find Mr. Right

Where is he hiding?  Where?!  And how can you find him?  Here are four science-approved ways: