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Single Dads, This One's For You

Wise Readers—and listeners—and especially single dads:

Just in time for Father’s Day, here’s my interview on The Dates & Mates podcast with TV dating expert @DamonaHoffman. This episode is full of relationship stories, dating app tips, and love advice…and, of course, it’s based on science: 

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The Scientist, Love, and Evolution

Talk nerdy to me at my NEW podcast appearance.
LISTEN NOW TO EPISODE 4: THE SCIENTIST at curious-love.com or wherever you get your podcasts.
If only who we fell in love with made logical sense! According to social psychologist and Love Factually Author Dr. Duana Welch evolution might shed light on even our most modern dating impulses.


Got Drama? New Attachment style book can help.

Wise Readers:

NEW at Amazon—Love Factually: Attachment Style Dating Made Easier!

People vary widely in their ability and desire to love and be loved. And if you’re tired of drama in your love life, that’s important to know. What’s your attachment style? Do you struggle with letting people in—or with wanting closeness from partners who then push you away? Have you been confused by sudden emotional walls in an otherwise perfect relationship—or were you overwhelmed by a partner’s seemingly endless needs? Are you afraid you don’t deserve love, or can’t give the intimacy partners expect—or have your partners felt that way? 

Our habitual ways of being, feeling, and acting in intimate partnerships profoundly affect our relationships. Knowing about this can make your love life far easier. In this short book from acclaimed Love Factually series author Dr. Duana Welch, you’ll engage four crucial tasks to ease your path in love from now on: discern not only your style but others’, tweak your attachment style if you want to, avoid oil-and-water mismatches and instead pick the right partner to fill your emotional gas tank, and identify options if you’re already in a mismatched relationship. 

Just like the full-length Love Factually books, you’ll rely on this more targeted topic for fun, easy-to-use, science-based dating advice brimming with real-world examples. The difference? Love Factually Singles books are in single-topic titles that fit into even the busiest lives and tightest budgets. Although Singles often derive from the full-length books (much like downloading one song instead of a whole album), this particular e-book contains substantial brand-new content. No matter who you are, these shorter e-books will address the exact issues you need to find and keep a great life partner.

You can pre-order your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R583698

Goes live on May 14, 2019!








your life, your experiment

Wise Readers: 

 Want to know the biggest mistakes I made in partnership?

 How about the “duh” moment that changed my life?

Your life, like mine, is your own experiment. In this Speaking of Partnership podcast with host Ken Bechtel, you’ll hear about all this, as well as my proudest moments in partnership and the best relationship advice I’ve ever received…because science.  

 Click here on Wednesday, April 10th to hear my interview.

Show page link: http://speakingofpartnership.com/234-duana-welch/  

iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/speaking-partnership-personal/id1091377398



new Love Factually abuse book offered FREE starting April 15

Wise Readers,

My first #LoveFactually book on abuse will be FREE on Amazon as of 4/15. Pass it on.

Why? I’ve always felt that volunteering is essential. That’s why I answer all emails and appear on podcasts for FREE. It’s also why this Love Factually Singles title will release for FREE on the 15th of this month:

Love Factually: Your Guide to Identifying Abusers Before They Abuse You

Get it. Loan it. Tell others.
Save lives.