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Broken Hearted? The Surprising Truth About Healing

Wise Readers,

Got heartbreak? The price of great love is great grief when it ends…yet we can all heal and move forward. Here, the surprising best path to doing that, based on science (of course!).


Your Ex Got Your Past. Do They Get Your Future Too?

Podcast interview: Are you ready to date?  Your ex got however many months, years, or even decades of your time; how much more are you going to give them? Do they get your future too? Your answer to that question is going heavily influence all your subsequent behavior.



How to leave that lover you just can't quit: Readers sound off

The best cure for an old love is…?

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Addicted to Love: Time to ditch your dealer?

Are you addicted to love?

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There Must Be Four Ways To Leave Your Lover (Wise Readers sound off about leaving that lover you just can’t quit) 

Wise Readers, I asked, you answered. What’s the best cure for an old love? Is it: a new love; focusing on the former lover’s flaws; looking at your own patterns of partner-picking? How do people Change? And…are some Addictions to love unbreakable? Read on!

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