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The Texting Trap: What to do after you've got her number

Wise Readers,

You’ve got her number—now what?  Here, simple tips for getting the date, NEW in Plenty of Fish:




Why NOT to look up that old flame on Facebook (or, how to wreck a perfectly good marriage)

You’re married. You’re happy. What could be the harm of friending your old flame?

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PORN: Pastime, or Peril?

It’s a bigger money-maker than all pro sports—combined, every year. But what impact does porn have on relationships?

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How To Break Up: It doesn't have to be that hard to do

Breaking up: there must be 50 ways to leave your lover. Here’s one that’s easy~or at least, easier.

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Plastic Surgery: Are you off your head?

Dear Duana,My measurements are 36-24-35…It’s not uncommon for male strangers to pay for the dinner I’m eating out with a friend, and I haven’t paid bus fare or opened a door in years. But my nose resembles a clown’s—round, like a rubber ball, and too large for my face….I know there is controversy about plastic surgery, but I don’t care about public debates. I just want an answer: Do you think the right nose job would help me attract Mr. Right? Grace

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