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Don't Bumble Your Way Into Dating! Your Online Presence

Wise Readers,

This NEW podcast covers a lot of ground in a short timeframe, from which dating sites to avoid or use, to what your profile needs in it, to how to tell someone, “No texting!”




Free dating seminar: Science of finding love online. one day only, Eugene, Oregon

Wise Readers,

This Saturday, August 26th, at 2:00 p.m., I’ll be teaching a free interactive seminar at the downtown branch of the Eugene Public Library (Eugene, Oregon) about finding love online. Have you ever wanted to write the perfect online profile? Select the best dating sites and apps for yourself? Learn more about who’s online, and whether relationships created via the Interwebs are better or worse? Deal with whether and whom to reach out to, and how much time to spend? Bring your questions and some paper and pens. See you there!





The Texting Trap: What to do after you've got her number

Wise Readers,

You’ve got her number—now what?  Here, simple tips for getting the date, NEW in Plenty of Fish:




Why NOT to look up that old flame on Facebook (or, how to wreck a perfectly good marriage)

You’re married. You’re happy. What could be the harm of friending your old flame?

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PORN: Pastime, or Peril?

It’s a bigger money-maker than all pro sports—combined, every year. But what impact does porn have on relationships?

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