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Why Living Together Doesn't Prepare You For More

Living together before marriage: Science is clear that the vast majority of couples think it will help them have a better marriage.  And science is equally clear that it won’t.  Here’s the surprising take on why




How & Why To Ditch That BTN Relationship

Ever spent time in a relationship that was pretty good—but not good enough for forever?  Sure, just about everyone’s done that.  Why isn’t it in your best interest, though…and if you need to break up, what are the easiest ways to do it?


The Five Things That Belong On Everyone's Must-Haves

Most of us have a list in our heads of what we’d prefer in a partner.  But all of us need these five things; are they on your list?


2 Super-Quick Ways To Tell If He's The One

Want to know if he’s the one for you~with minimum loss of time?  You might need quite a while for a definite Yes, but figuring out the definite Nos is easier than you might think:


Are you happy alone? Do you need to be, to make lasting love?

Are you happy alone? Do you need to be, to find lasting love? 

(Bonus: Yet another opportunity to stare directly up my nostrils.)