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Starting over? Watch this.

Wise Readers & Friends, 

 Have you ever been in a relationship or marriage where you thought that love could conquer all?

That was me in my first marriage. I was madly in love with my husband, and from the outside, you would have thought that I had it all.  I had my dream career and home. I was married and had a beautiful baby. 

 But what most of my friends, family and colleagues didn’t know, was that my husband was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

 I truly loved him and hoped he could get sober—that I could save or at least help him.

 But when he put our baby in danger, that’s when I had finally had enough and left for good. 

 It cost me dearly. I literally lost everything…my home, job, friends, colleagues, pets and my church community.

 While my baby and I were finally safe…I wasn’t happy.I had so much shame and felt like the biggest failure, which led to depression. I had hit rock bottom and never fathomed at this point in my life that I would be starting over in all areas of my life.

 It wasn’t easy by any means, but I made it through to the other side and found love again and now I am happily married to the love of my life—for over a decade!

 If you’ve ever been in a relationship or marriage with someone who suffers from addictions, then my story will give you hope and courage to start over again. 

 No matter what has happened in your past marriage or relationship, find out how you can win at love again in my interview on the It’s Never Too Late! Show with Life & Love Transformational Coach, Suzanne Oshima.


It’s Never Too Late…To Win at Love!


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If You've Ever Wished You Could Just Start Over, Don't Miss This

Wise Readers,

The journey to find quality, age appropriate men (or women!) can be frustrating, right? 

 Sometimes, it can feel nearly impossible. 


You might consider giving up … but something tells you to keep going. 

 Because it’s so important to you to find lasting love with a great partner!


Well, I have great news for you…it’s never too lateto start over—to begin a new chapter in life and in love! You can create your dream life and your dream relationship NOW. THIS is your opportunity.

 It’s time to write a new, thrilling chapter in the story of your life—and your romance! 


My good friend, Life & Transformational Coach Suzanne Oshima, is on a mission to empower and inspire women to show you how to turn around your life.

 And she’s hosting a complimentary powerful interview series that brings together the top notch experts in one place, including me, to share how you can start a new chapter of your life and find love again! 


It’s called, It’s Never Too Late … to Hit Reset and Start Over in Life & Love! 


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