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Why January Is The Best Month To Start Looking For Love

Wise Readers,

It’s a brand-new year—2019. And that means the right partner is more likely to be seriously looking for you than at any other time. 

Was this the holiday where you said, “By this time next year, I’ll be in a good relationship.”? You’re alone—but not alone! Having made it through another round of Hallmark holidays where it seems like everyone is happily partnered but themselves, people are ready to change their lives for the better—and ready to put serious effort into it. Just like there are more gym memberships started in January than any other time, more people join dating sites in January than other months. But did you know? Committing to the right partner has been proven to have much longer-lasting benefits for your health, happiness, and even wealth and career than any gym membership ever will. 

The upshot? You’re looking for the right person—and odds are, they’re looking for you, too. Right now! And: it’s worth it!

I would like to be part of your journey. To that end, I offer reasonably-priced coaching and books, all based on science and highly rated as truly helpful in bringing everyone—regardless of gender or sexual orientation—not just any partner, but someone Good For Them to build a life and love around. 

To that end, I have an announcement or three of my own for the new year:

1. Love Factually For Single Parents [& Those Dating Them] is available now, along with my established guide Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps From I Wish to I Do! The Single Parents book goes up for sale as a paperback, ebook, and audiobook on January 7th, but you can preorder immediately: 

Want a free chapter and a free workbook for this book? Visit www.lovefactually.co!
2. I’m always available for coaching, at reasonable rates and around the issues that matter to you. To learn more, please visit http://www.lovesciencemedia.com/consult/.
3. I answer all your letters—FREE! Anyone can write to me at any time, and I will respond, confidentially and free of charge. 
May your 2019 bring you love, and thanks for letting me be part of that. 




Don't Bumble Your Way Into Dating! Your Online Presence

Wise Readers,

This NEW podcast covers a lot of ground in a short timeframe, from which dating sites to avoid or use, to what your profile needs in it, to how to tell someone, “No texting!”




Where are you? The science of finding love online (video)

Wise Readers,


Where are you? The Science of Finding Love Online

 I hope you enjoy this YouTube video of my free seminar delivered 8/26/17 at the Eugene Public Library.

—Who are you and what are your goals?
—Who uses the ‘Net for dating, and what are their results?
—What kind of sites/apps are best for you?
—How many?
—How can you write a killer online ad?
—And more!

Thank you to Elle Oloresisimo for taking and posting the video, and for coming from Canada to attend this event!




Free dating seminar: Science of finding love online. one day only, Eugene, Oregon

Wise Readers,

This Saturday, August 26th, at 2:00 p.m., I’ll be teaching a free interactive seminar at the downtown branch of the Eugene Public Library (Eugene, Oregon) about finding love online. Have you ever wanted to write the perfect online profile? Select the best dating sites and apps for yourself? Learn more about who’s online, and whether relationships created via the Interwebs are better or worse? Deal with whether and whom to reach out to, and how much time to spend? Bring your questions and some paper and pens. See you there!





Coevolution: how women created men's psychology, and more

Wise Listeners,

In this new podcast on Shiny Things, we go into some criticisms of hard-to-get—and why women are the ones who created the male psyche that assures it’s helpful.  We also cover dating apps, better-than-nothing relationships, and more.