Here's why you shouldn't give up on love, ever

Feeling sad, depressed, or hopeless about finding love?  Think it can’t or won’t happen for you?  The feelings are understandable.  But you shouldn’t give up.  Ever.  Here’s why~backed by science and fact, of course.


How & Why To Ditch That BTN Relationship

Ever spent time in a relationship that was pretty good—but not good enough for forever?  Sure, just about everyone’s done that.  Why isn’t it in your best interest, though…and if you need to break up, what are the easiest ways to do it?


Micropenis: One man's journey from the smallest 1% on the bell curve

What’s it like, not to have just a small penis~but a penis that is in the bottom 1% for size? Here, LoveScience guest writer Carl Loreto gives his first-hand, science-backed take on why size does matter…and how it can matter less.

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The 4 Deadly Relationship Sins...and their cures

Research proves it: There are four Deadly Communicaiton Sins in relationships.  Fortunately, there’s also a cure for each.  NEW article at redOrbit:



How Two Modern Lovers Transformed Couples Therapy

For Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, transformation began in the lab…then at home…and now, globally.  Stuff you never knew about the power couple behind the first scientifically validated couples therapy, new at RedOrbit and The Daily Orbit: