Following Your Yes! Letting Intuition Be Your Guide

Wise Readers,

Earlier this week, I was on a terrific podcast called Speaking of Partnership, and this is the brand-new follow-up to that.  In this episode, several experts discuss what happened when they failed to follow their Yes, and what happened when they did.  Does it match your experience?


9 Fights You Should Be Having: New article at Redbook

Wise Readers,

Research has shown that all couples—happy and not—have conflict.  But there are many fights we might wish to avoid.  Even so, here are at least nine fights that are worth having (and my first appearance at Redbook).  Asking you to “enjoy” might be a bit strong.  But these conflicts can smooth out the rest of your relationship!


Get Your "Picker" Fixed: speaking of partnership

Wise Readers, 


Is your ‘picker’ broken? Mine was. If you’re curious about how to choose better, or my own process in fixing a broken selection process, here’s this podcast at Speaking of Partnership, live today: 

Website link:

iTunes link:…/speaking-partnershi…/id1091377398


From Addiction to Pick Up Artists

Wise readers, welcome to a brand-new podcast episode, and one of my very favorites. From why nice guys finish first to why the pick up artist community isn’t helping for long-term love, to alcohol and drug addiction, to detailed info on how to tell if it’s “once a cheater, always a cheater,” to arranging your own marriage—I hope you enjoy this one like I did:


My Biggest Heartbreak, plus how to succeed in business while really trying

Wise Readers,

When my book was in the works, the editor wanted me to tell about my biggest heartbreak, and how I recovered. At the time, I refused; it involved too many other people, including my child. But she gave permission. So here it is. Please be kind. 

Bonus: The latter half of this interview is about applying mating psychology to getting a raise, more respect, a better job: