4 Easy Steps That Stop Negative Thoughts From Ruining Your Lovelife

Got beliefs?  If they’re negative, they’re limiting your love life.  Here’s what you can do now:



4 Rights To Avoid A Marriage Gone Wrong

Already said I Do?  Make sure it sticks by sticking to these research-approved basic 4 things you need to get right to avoid your marriage going wrong, NEW at the Huffington Post:



2 Super-Quick Ways To Tell If He's The One

Want to know if he’s the one for you~with minimum loss of time?  You might need quite a while for a definite Yes, but figuring out the definite Nos is easier than you might think:


Why High Self-Esteem Women Are Hard-To-Get

Being hard-to-get is low-self-esteem and manipulative, right? NO. Just the opposite, in fact.  NEW podcast/interview (17 minutes) shows why high-self-esteem women are hard-to-get, why it’s the kinder way to be, and how you can do it too:


When Love science and religious faith intersect: love in our time, love in all times

This 17-minute speech is the only one I’ve given showing some overlap between basic tenets of global religious faiths, and what science shows us about choosing the right lifelong mate.  It’s a talk I gave on 6/14/2015 to the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio.  Enjoy!