Why High Self-Esteem Women Are Hard-To-Get

Being hard-to-get is low-self-esteem and manipulative, right? NO. Just the opposite, in fact.  NEW podcast/interview (17 minutes) shows why high-self-esteem women are hard-to-get, why it’s the kinder way to be, and how you can do it too:


When Love science and religious faith intersect: love in our time, love in all times

This 17-minute speech is the only one I’ve given showing some overlap between basic tenets of global religious faiths, and what science shows us about choosing the right lifelong mate.  It’s a talk I gave on 6/14/2015 to the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio.  Enjoy!


Scientifically proven ways to make her orgasm easier!


Need Help Finding True Love?  

This podcast and site are for people who are on the Autism spectrum, specifically serving those with Asperger’s.  But really, the tools work for everybody.  NEW interview at!


Why Men Pull Away~And What To Do About It

Sometimes, things seem to be going well, and then suddenly a man pulls back.  Women often respond by calling or texting or asking what’s happened, and all of that tends to backfire.  Why does this happen, and what can be done that works?  Scope it out on this NEW podcast at HowToWinAMansHeart: