The Perils of Too Many Choices, & Other Obstacles To Love

Wise Readers,

Have Tinder and other sites created too many choices?  What feels right when it comes to mating?  My NEW podcast delves into this and other matters: 






How Being Hard To Get Is Sexy, Not Bitchy

Wise Readers,

Please feel free to tune in to my NEW radio show episode at Shedding The Bitch— just aired: How hard-to-get is sexy, not bitchy.

This will be review for regular listeners of my podcasts! http://linkis.com/blogtalkradio.com/uiJwL




Scary truths of mate selection

Wise Readers,

This new podcast episode I’m on for Modern Sex Talks discusses various uncomfortable truths of mate selection.  Don’t shoot the scientist!  Researchers didn’t invent the results, they just make them usable for everyone.  Here’s the episode: 



The Dark Side of Evolution & Love

Wise Readers,

Today I’m honored to be a third-time guest on the Art of Charm, one of the top three podcasts on iTunes. This one’s the Dark Side of Evolution & Mating: http://theartofcharm.com/podcast-episodes/duana-welch-evolution-love-episode-509/


“Listen to this episode of The Art of Charm in its entirety to learn more about why we shouldn’t see the differences between women and men as disempowering, what men will trade for youth and beauty, why Duana wishes evolution had an off switch (and what could be gained from such a thing), what men and women lie about, and lots more.”




Following Your Yes! Letting Intuition Be Your Guide

Wise Readers,

Earlier this week, I was on a terrific podcast called Speaking of Partnership, and this is the brand-new follow-up to that.  In this episode, several experts discuss what happened when they failed to follow their Yes, and what happened when they did.  Does it match your experience?  http://speakingofpartnership.com/036-follow-your-yes-friday-7/