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Why Smart, Successful Women Can Fail At Love

Ever wonder why you’re so smart and successful at everything but love? That’s how I felt too. This podcast at Single in Stilettos is my new take on the topic:





Better Than Before: An Affair Story

In this new episode on PBS’ Project Reveal (se03ep03), a couple shares their journey with infidelity. Love scientist Dr. Duana Welch weighs in, giving fact-based information about how people can come back stronger after the impact of cheating on a relationship.



Moving a Stagnant Relationship towards Commitment

Wise Readers:
How can you move a stagnant relationship to commitment? It’s probably not what you think! NEW interview with Single In Stilettos founder Suzanne Oshima is here:



Coevolution: how women created men's psychology, and more

Wise Listeners,

In this new podcast on Shiny Things, we go into some criticisms of hard-to-get—and why women are the ones who created the male psyche that assures it’s helpful.  We also cover dating apps, better-than-nothing relationships, and more.





Want more love? Send better signals 

A package arrived—one I’d long awaited, the third edition of the book that totally changed my love life, from the evolutionary scientist whose work I most admire and respect. The book is The Evolution of Desire, and the author is Dr. David Buss. The Washington Post called the first edition “a drop-dead shocker,” and it still is. Here’s my review:

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