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Want more love? Send better signals 

A package arrived—one I’d long awaited, the third edition of the book that totally changed my love life, from the evolutionary scientist whose work I most admire and respect. The book is The Evolution of Desire, and the author is Dr. David Buss. The Washington Post called the first edition “a drop-dead shocker,” and it still is. Here’s my review:

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How does he decide you're The One?

Wise Readers,

How do men decide She’s The One?  Fortunately, scientists have looked at that.  Here, a new podcast on the topic:





How long should women date around after meeting someone they like?

Wise Readers,

Women in search of Mr. Right often wonder how long to date other men once they’ve met someone they like.  In fact, many women are faithful to every man they date, never considering more than one at a time.  But that strategy can be a fail for you—and for the men you date.  Here’s why it helps to keep your options open, and what signs to look for that say it’s safe to close them off:






Why Are Men So Emotional?

Emotional Men: I love men, and one of the many reasons is because of their emotions.  This podcast is all about them, in a NEW episode of Modern Sex Talks where I recently had the pleasure of being a guest: http://modernsextalks.com/ep034-myths-male-emotion-dr-duana-welch/




The Perils of Too Many Choices, & Other Obstacles To Love

Wise Readers,

Have Tinder and other sites created too many choices?  What feels right when it comes to mating?  My NEW podcast delves into this and other matters: