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Here's why you shouldn't give up on love, ever

Feeling sad, depressed, or hopeless about finding love?  Think it can’t or won’t happen for you?  The feelings are understandable.  But you shouldn’t give up.  Ever.  Here’s why~backed by science and fact, of course.



How Two Modern Lovers Transformed Couples Therapy

For Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, transformation began in the lab…then at home…and now, globally.  Stuff you never knew about the power couple behind the first scientifically validated couples therapy, new at RedOrbit and The Daily Orbit:




Q&A from "Got Therapy?"

Wise Readers, Does therapy help…at all? Does it matter what kind of therapy you get? Does marriage make people happier, and are people who claim to be happy faking or exaggerating their real feelings? What if your ex was unkind to you—should you shield the kids from him? Counselor Carrie Lynne Pietig teams up with me to answer your questions this week! Read on!

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How To Forgive An Affair (He Won't Admit)

Following my recent tip-off about Henry’s two-year infidelity with a colleague, he ceased contact with Anne, joined me in therapy, and apologized for endangering our marriage. But he won’t admit he had an affair, or tell me anything about it! He insists Anne was “just a good friend” he never mentioned because he didn’t want me upset. Well, I’m beyond upset. Why is the truth so hard for him to tell? And (how) can I forgive him—for my sanity and our unity and our family?

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Masturbation + Marriage = ?

My fiancé and I haven’t had sex with each other, but I *masturbate every day. I’ve always felt guilt about it, and now I’m worried it will ruin my ability to please my future wife. How do I stop? Dear Albert, I’m touched by your concern for your future wife’s sexual happiness, and honored you’d let me lend a hand as you prepare for your nuptials. But perhaps instead of stopping your own masturbation, you could consider encouraging hers…

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