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How to Date The One You Love

Wise Readers,
The moment Dr. John M. Gottman recommended my first Love Factually as “A must read for all of those seeking a lasting love” was the best of my professional career. Period. He is the platinum standard when it comes to the science of long-lasting love. The Drs. G. (John and Julie Schwartz Gottman) now have a NEW book out, “8 Dates,” and it’s my fave of theirs so far. Which is saying a lot. Read it!

Meanwhile, here’s DaxShepard, podcaster extraordinaire, bringing you Dr. Gottman on his Armchair Expert podcast. Highly recommend!

And if you have not yet read my Gottman-recommended book, here you go—now out worldwide in English, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, and Vietnamese! Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do



The 4 Deadly Relationship Sins...and their cures

Research proves it: There are four Deadly Communicaiton Sins in relationships.  Fortunately, there’s also a cure for each.  NEW article at redOrbit:



How Two Modern Lovers Transformed Couples Therapy

For Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, transformation began in the lab…then at home…and now, globally.  Stuff you never knew about the power couple behind the first scientifically validated couples therapy, new at RedOrbit and The Daily Orbit:




New Year's Resolution: How about getting along better?

Wise Readers,

Is your New Year’s Resolution to get along better?  Here’s to you!  Please share my guest post at The Good Men Project with all the Good Men in your lives, for a truly Happy 2015: 




Q&A from "Got Therapy?"

Wise Readers, Does therapy help…at all? Does it matter what kind of therapy you get? Does marriage make people happier, and are people who claim to be happy faking or exaggerating their real feelings? What if your ex was unkind to you—should you shield the kids from him? Counselor Carrie Lynne Pietig teams up with me to answer your questions this week! Read on!

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