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9 Fights You Should Be Having: New article at Redbook

Wise Readers,

Research has shown that all couples—happy and not—have conflict.  But there are many fights we might wish to avoid.  Even so, here are at least nine fights that are worth having (and my first appearance at Redbook).  Asking you to “enjoy” might be a bit strong.  But these conflicts can smooth out the rest of your relationship!




Mama's Boys: Why some men try to please two women, and why it doesn't work

A man can please his mother and his wife—or can he?

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Solving your unsolvable problems: What happy couples know

Most of your problems are solvable…or are they?

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The Difference Between Punishment & Reward (Q&A from How To Train Your Mother-In-Law—or anyone else)

Wise Readers, So how is ignoring not punishment? Why does ignoring bad behavior work so well? If it’s true we’re training each other all the time, why are others continuing to annoy us? And what if you want your children to learn how to set boundaries this way—with adults? Read on!

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How To Train Your Mother-In-Law (and everyone else)

Dear Duana, I feel like I can’t breathe. I thought after I married her son and had a baby, my mother-in-law Cheryl and I would have more in common and could share things. It has only gotten worse. Nothing I say seems to work. I fear we’ll end up hating each other, and our dynamic is driving my stress through her roof. Help! Dear Angela, first, ask yourself what your mom-in-law has in common with rats and pigeons. And then, what the rest of us do. Because your answer is there…

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