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Phishing With The (Inter) Net: Baiting the hook

Dear Duana, At 38, I’ve got a good job, good looks, and lots to offer. But I get nada when I email men via my Match.com membership. How do I create a captivating profile? Dear Justine, Successful fishermen often cast more than one line at a time, but if you must choose just one site, Match.com has best-stocked of the dating Pools for Women Seeking Men. So, if the Phish aren’t biting at all, you’re right—it’s time to examine your bait and hook. And get recognized for the Catch you are. Here’s how…

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Q&A from “eHarmony: Using the Friends & Family plan to find love online”  

Wise Readers, If you have to resort to the Internet to find a mate, isn’t that a clue that You’re Not Ready? What are the pitfalls and pleasures of online romance? If you don’t even have time to find a mate, do you have time to…have one? What’s a prefrontal cortex, and why do we need one to find True Love? And what’s up with the studies where arranged marriages are happier than marriages for love? Read on!

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eHarmony: Using the Friends & Family Plan to find love online 

Dear Duana, My brother Fred’s alcoholic ex abandoned him and his sons three years ago. Now, he’d like to find The One, but obviously he won’t look in bars, and he lacks time to sort through endless profiles. So I suggested letting me screen women’s profiles online, and then babysitting while he meets the best of the best in person. ??? Dear Betsy, Matchmaking is a growth industry, and using the Friends & Family Plan may be mate shopping’s Safe(er)Way, compared to cultural Do It Yourself norms. Here’s how—where—and why…

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Q&A for "When Love Stinks"

Wise Readers, Refusing or seeking a mate because of smell: It’s normal for women. But readers were left with questions: Do people with specific genetic profiles choose specific kinds of colognes? Why do men fall in love using their eyes—women, their noses? What if someone rich, powerful and good-looking stinks—can women overlook (oversmell?) that? And what role do factors like anti-depressants, age, diet and sexual orientation play in smell and sexual attraction? Read on! Cheers, Duana

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