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Something Off About Your New Love? Trust Your Gut

Ever have that gut feeling your partner isn’t right for you? Intuition is a make-or-break—yes, per science. Here, my NEW podcast on the topic, with Suzanne Oshima  and Cupids’ Pulse: 



Coevolution: how women created men's psychology, and more

Wise Listeners,

In this new podcast on Shiny Things, we go into some criticisms of hard-to-get—and why women are the ones who created the male psyche that assures it’s helpful.  We also cover dating apps, better-than-nothing relationships, and more.





Men and Women Differ In Why They Cheat, and What They Think Cheating Is

Wise Readers, 

If you follow my work, you’ve read this before: men and women who cheat not only have reasons that depend in part on gender, but in some cases the sexes don’t even agree on what cheating is.  This article summarizes that.

More to my point, if you’ve followed LoveScience for years, you know that the research of Dr. David Buss is paramount in much of our factual knowledge of why men and women cheat.  In this article, I am honored and extremely humbled to be quoted alongside my scientific hero.   







How does he decide you're The One?

Wise Readers,

How do men decide She’s The One?  Fortunately, scientists have looked at that.  Here, a new podcast on the topic:





Why Are Men So Emotional?

Emotional Men: I love men, and one of the many reasons is because of their emotions.  This podcast is all about them, in a NEW episode of Modern Sex Talks where I recently had the pleasure of being a guest: http://modernsextalks.com/ep034-myths-male-emotion-dr-duana-welch/