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Got Jealousy? How to deal with the green-eyed monster, and where it comes from 

Wise Readers,


Got jealousy? That’s not always a bad thing. Here, how we inherited the green-eyed monster, and what to do about it on The Jordan Harbinger Show (NEW)




Is trusting your morals enough to prevent an affair? 

What simple move can save you—from yourself?

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Q&A from “How To Get Rid Of A Rival: Survey says…”

Wise Readers, What if someone married or male had asked me Tricia’s question about getting rid of a rival? Would a man use the same techniques as a woman? Should a woman with children ‘dump the chump’, as I advised Tricia? And what did the Survey answers say on Question 3? Read on!

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How To Get Rid Of A Rival: Survey says...

Dear Duana, Dave and I’ve been dating half a year. A couple months ago, he and ex-girlfriend Megan renewed their friendship. I’ve asked to go along on their outings (they still go to movies, concerts, out to eat, hang out at one another’s apartments)—but he said no because “it would hurt Megan to see us together.”….how much contact is appropriate between my boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend, who appears to still harbor feelings for him while he claims they are ‘very good friends’? And what is my best bet for minimizing the threat she poses to our relationship?

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Folk Wisdom: (How) do you get rid of someone who's making a play for your partner?

Wise Readers, Sometimes, an outsider—an old flame, a new flame, an unknown, an all-too-known—makes a play for our partner. Maybe it’s someone throwing themselves at our husband, or wife, or boyfriend, or girlfriend; maybe it’s subtler than that. But whether the interloper is representing as just-a-friend or an open threat, our Spidey Senses are suddenly on red alert…What do you think a person should do in that situation—if anything? Take the questionnaire—this week only:

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