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Keeping Him Faithful 1.0: Five guys to watch (out) for

Dear Duana, I’ve been serially cheated-on, even when relationships went well. Before I abandon all hope, is there any way to find and keep a man who’s monogamous and emotionally invested in me—and me only? Dear Belinda, although happy relationships don’t guarantee fidelity, most men are faithful. So what’s the source of your unusually bad luck? I suspect it has something to do with repeatedly saying Yes to cheating’s 5 Usual Suspects:

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Q&A from “Momma’s Boys: The good, bad and ugly of loving a man who adores his mother” 

Wise Readers, Our recent column about men who love mom (too) much inspired many fascinating queries. Why can women get away with being Momma’s (or Daddy’s) *Girls*? Why might gay men get away with being uber-close to Mom? What if you found out you’re insecurely attached—can anything be done? And what if *you’re* the monster-in-law? Read on!

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Momma’s Boys: The good, bad and ugly of loving a guy who adores his mother

Dear Duana, What do you know about the man who tells Mom everything, and then takes Mom’s contrary advice at the expense of his wife’s input on all of it—money, career, parenting? How does he wean himself from her approval? And what happens if he doesn’t? Dear Sarah,Ever notice the clinging, hand-holding, full-frontal-hugging, endless-kissing, crying-at-partings indicative of…a one-year-old and his mother? Our first passionate relationship is usually with Mom and/or Dad. And if it goes well, it forms the roadmap to Happily Ever After with our eventual mate. Still, there’s a biiiig difference between being Momma’s Boy and Momma’s Man…

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