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Feeling Unlovable? This could be the reason

Wise Readers,

Many of us struggle with low self-worth—wondering whether we are lovable.  Where does this come from?  You might be surprised.  Please click here for the new guest post at eHarmony:





Mama's Boys: Why some men try to please two women, and why it doesn't work

A man can please his mother and his wife—or can he?

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Q&A from "Momma's Boys"

Dear Duana, I’m tired of being called a Momma’s Boy. Yes, I do live with my mother at age 35, but only because I had some setbacks and needed to return to school. Women won’t cut me any slack, though. Why can’t they see that I’m improving myself and besides that, I’m nice to my mom, so I’ll be nice to them, too?

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Momma's Boys: The good, bad, and ugly of loving a man who adores his mother

Dear Duana, What do you know about the man whose controlling mother offers approval only when he makes Mom #1….the man who lets his mother openly complain about his wife, tells Mom everything, and then takes Mom’s contrary advice at the expense of his wife’s input on all of it—money, career, parenting? How does he wean himself from her approval? And what happens if he doesn’t?

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Q&A from "Why Do Women Love Jerks?"

Wise Readers, can you learn to un-love Jerks—or at least to become open to Nice Guys? Do women outgrow Jerky charms? Why don’t young people know how to treat a partner? Is America becoming a post-marriage society—and what is that, anyway? Read on!

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