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Science-Based Dating: What's your style?

Do you have a dating style?  Yes.  And it has a lot to do with your past—but you can change the future.

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Why Men Pull Away~And What To Do About It

Sometimes, things seem to be going well, and then suddenly a man pulls back.  Women often respond by calling or texting or asking what’s happened, and all of that tends to backfire.  Why does this happen, and what can be done that works?  Scope it out on this NEW podcast at HowToWinAMansHeart: http://howtowinamansheart.com/blog/why-men-pull-away-and-what-to-do-about-it-dr-duana-c-welch/


Science Backed Dating Skills Review


This week we’re looking at love and commitment. We’re going to do it from as practical a perspective as possible. We’re looking at it from a science perspective and some practical applications of that science. We’re answering questions such as:

What is love and commitment?

Do you really want it?

Is it something that is going to fit for you?

How do you actually go about strategically and sensibly looking for love and commitment?

How do you approach it?

How do you keep it once you’ve found it?

Those are big questions. I think there are a lot of questions there that don’t typically get answered, even if you look in relationship books and the types of books that cover these subjects. They don’t normally look at it from a really practical action-taking perspective. Today, we have on the show Duana Welch. We brought her on the show because she’s written a book that is focused on being really practical about this. It’s based around a social and evolutionary science perspective. The book is called: Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do. Duana has a PhD, teaching psychology at Austin, Texas universities. She’s also a Psychology Today columnist.

Coming back to her book, David M. Buss, the renowned psychologist, said this of Duana’s book: “Love Factually is a great book anchored in solid science. It brims with practical advice in the form of concrete actions everyone can take to improve their love lives. If you plan to read one book to improve your mating life, this is the one to read.”

That’s a pretty big quote from a very well known evolutionary psychologist. So it’s really a test to the practicality of this book, which as I say isn’t typical. We’ll be getting into these practical details in a moment.


Why Intimacy Is Hard For Some, & What To Do If That's You

Wise Readers,

Feeling unlovable, or afraid of loving? The answer could be in your attachment style.  You can find out more and learn how to deal with intimacy fears at this posting at Psychology Today:





Relationship falling apart~again? This could be the cure

Wise Readers,

Sometimes, relationships fall apart.  But if it’s happening again and again, that could be an issue with someone’s attachment style.  If it’s yours, the cure could be as close as this link; here’s the new guest post at eHarmony.