Why High Self-Esteem Women Are Hard-To-Get

Being hard-to-get is low-self-esteem and manipulative, right? NO. Just the opposite, in fact.  NEW podcast/interview (17 minutes) shows why high-self-esteem women are hard-to-get, why it’s the kinder way to be, and how you can do it too:

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Reader Comments (2)

Hi Dr. Welch!
I had a great first date with a guy this past weekend, we had dinner together. He texted me after on the same day and offered to go with me to get my car fixed. I haven't heard from him since our date. If I initiate contact by texting him first, am I implying I am not hard to get? Should I wait until he contacts me again? If I asked him out for a second date or reminded him about his offer to get my car fixed, am I forcing someone that wasn't meant to be? I have also wondered if adding him on Facebook is too much, since he hasn't tried to do so. Thank you so much!

June 22, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMonica

Hi Monica,
Research shows that men are at least 6x more likely to make the first move, and when they don't, it's not because they can't figure out if they like or want us. I recommend dating other men, and if this one wants you...he will come get you, no prompting needed.

That said, he offered to go with you. This is a gray area, since he then didn't follow up. At most, send him a text saying, "Great, my car is due to be fixed on (date/time)." If he does not respond to that, write him off and move on!

But don't add him to Facebook. That's definite pursuit.

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