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Hard To Get But Not Bitchy: The Fine Line & Why It Matters

Wise Readers & Listeners: I LOVED doing this radio show for LA Talk Radio (Sam Hasson & Danni)! Find out why men fall in love, why NOT to be bitchy, and how walking the kind-but-elusive line helps guys know how they feel. NEW:



How to Keep up His Momentum

You had a great first date. Now what? Keeping up the momentum is not about what you’re doing, it’s about what you aren’t doing:




How Being Hard To Get Is Sexy, Not Bitchy

Wise Readers,

Please feel free to tune in to my NEW radio show episode at Shedding The Bitch— just aired: How hard-to-get is sexy, not bitchy.

This will be review for regular listeners of my podcasts! http://linkis.com/blogtalkradio.com/uiJwL




How having self-respect is being hard-to-get

Women: hard-to-get has a bad name—because people think it’s being manipulative, bitchy, and selfish.  Done right, it’s none of those things (and after all, when you make him twenty breakfasts hoping for commitment, that’s not manipulation-free…).  What is it?  

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: of yourself.  

NEW podcast at the badboy breakthrough:  http://badboybreakthrough.com/049-duana-welch-play-hard-get-win/

Show notes for those who prefer to read it: http://badboybreakthrough.com/podcasts/


Why High Self-Esteem Women Are Hard-To-Get

Being hard-to-get is low-self-esteem and manipulative, right? NO. Just the opposite, in fact.  NEW podcast/interview (17 minutes) shows why high-self-esteem women are hard-to-get, why it’s the kinder way to be, and how you can do it too: