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Love Factually Author Needs Love Too (Anniversary Edition)


Happy Anniversary #11 to the man who made all that searching, sorting, and science worthwhile. To Vic Hariton: You are my reason, my comfort, my love. 



Why Running Away From Home Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

Wise Readers, On this night exactly 15 years ago, the story that would eventually launch my career and my passion began. It was awful and sad, and it has made me who I am now. Here it is—and may your own challenges bring light: “Nearly 15 years ago, on a plane bound for San Antonio with my toddler, I met a very kind man who told me that everything would be okay. “I needed to borrow his faith. I had run away from my home in California, where my then-husband was a danger to himself, to me, and to our two-year-old, who had recently been diagnosed with a chronic condition. I pretended to be leaving for a long family visit, and we never went back…

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Love Factually course to be offered for first time in Eugene, Oregon

First ever science-based relationship seminar will take place from Feb. 18-March 17; sign up is now!

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Why High Self-Esteem Women Are Hard-To-Get

Being hard-to-get is low-self-esteem and manipulative, right? NO. Just the opposite, in fact.  NEW podcast/interview (17 minutes) shows why high-self-esteem women are hard-to-get, why it’s the kinder way to be, and how you can do it too: