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9 Fights You Should Be Having: New article at Redbook

Wise Readers,

Research has shown that all couples—happy and not—have conflict.  But there are many fights we might wish to avoid.  Even so, here are at least nine fights that are worth having (and my first appearance at Redbook).  Asking you to “enjoy” might be a bit strong.  But these conflicts can smooth out the rest of your relationship!




When all else fails, a little Penis Size doesn't hurt. Wait, what?

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Penis Size is trending big at Kinkly:


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Never Belittle A Penis (Plus: Clitoris Q&A)

Dear Duana, My fear of not being able to satisfy my wife is causing problems with my erections. I am in my mid-forties and have been with my wife for 16 years now. Very early on in the relationship I read something in a journal of hers I wish I could wipe from my memory banks regarding my penis size.

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Q&A from “Vibrator Dependence"

Wise Readers: Men chimed in from last week’s vibe column: Is there a certain-size vibrator that can make up for a small penis? Is there a wattage that will desensitize the clitoris and/or create vibrator dependence? What about a frequency of vibrator use? Do older women make better lovers—or at least tell their partners more about what turns them on? Read on!

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Vibrator Dependence: Can using a vibrator make it harder to orgasm with a real partner?

Dear Duana, I’ve been single for a few months, and my vibrator and I have gotten rather close. I’m starting to worry I won’t know how to respond to a flesh-and-blood guy. Is there such a thing as vibrator dependence? If so, how do I deal with it? Erica Dear Erica, I’ll admit it, when I first read your letter, I thought: How close? Do you call out Oh My Vibrator! at crucial moments? Is one of its designated speeds Who Needs A Man? And most ominous of all: Have you chipped a tooth? Seriously, let’s get a grip on the issue.

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