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New public radio interview: can science help you fall in love?

Wise Readers and Listeners: Here’s a brand-new podcast, taken from a radio interview.  
The Jefferson Public Radio:
Can Science Help You Fall In Love?



Can You Ever Trust A Cheater? Five Surprising Truths

Wise Readers, In prepping this NEW article for eHarmony, I asked many of you to write me with your experience or willingness in dating someone with a known history of infidelity in former relationships. Would you date a cheater? Did they cheat again? Would you date someone with a past in infidelity? Then, I wrote the article based on science. Did your answers match up? Check it out!

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LoveScience In Just 12 Minutes

Wise Readers,

NEW podcast: Engel Jones, host of 12 Minute Convos and I spoke for (what else!) twelve minutes on (what else!) relationship science: 





The Best Part of My Job is wedding invitations

Wise Readers: the very best part of my job is receiving notes and photos like these.  Thank you to Jeremy and Karla for letting me be part of your journey, and congratulations to you both on your upcoming marriage.  Wishing you a lifetime of mutual support, friendship, and love!


Trust: Why It's Not Too Late To Love

Wise Readers:

We may inherit gray hair from our kids, but we get trust from our parents.  Fortunately for so many of us, we can change.  It’s never too late to be happy, and it’s never too late to love.

NEW article at Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/love-proof/201610/trust