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For a happier marriage, celebrate more

Marriage isn’t just for the bad times, and in fact, how you react to your beloved’s good news could be crucial.  Brain scans show that happier couples are happy for each other, and pay attention to one another’s happiness: 





Arranged Marriage~American Style

Wise Readers, today I’m posting at Psychology Today!  Even if you’re not from an arranged-marriage culture, could arranging your own life partnership be the way to go? The science says yes. Here’s why, and how.






Separate Rooms, Separate Sex Lives? When snoring comes between you

Dear Duana,My husband has a serious snoring problem. Ear plugs for me and nasal strips for him don’t work, and the guest room is now mine….I get more sleep this way, but we have less sex and I feel less connected to him. Do you think it’s a bad thing for us to sleep apart? Dear Callie, If you could win a million dollars, or have guaranteed restful, energizing sleep every night for the rest of your life, which would you pick? If research is any guide, you’d be wise to select sleep. But that doesn’t mean sleeping apart is the best plan…

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