Why Not to Lose Weight to Find Love

Have you ever lost weight to find love? Are you considering doing that? 
Here are at least five reasons why NOT to do that…and what to do instead:



I is for infidelity

In the A to Z of sex, I is for Infidelity. Here, I’m weighing in on how it happens, and how recovery can occur:


Love Factually book signing, speaking event Sat June 10 2-3 PM Oregon Ducks Store

Wise Readers,

If you’ve wanted to meet the Love Factually author, get your book signed, hear a reading, or ask a question, this is the time!

Dr. Duana Welch will be appearing at the Oregon Duck Store on the University of Oregon campus on Saturday, June 10, from 2-3 p.m. to read an excerpt, take your questions, and sign your books.  From Tinder to campus hookups to what relationships look like today, her science-based advice will be tailored to you.

For more information:



How to Keep up His Momentum

You had a great first date. Now what? Keeping up the momentum is not about what you’re doing, it’s about what you aren’t doing:


Bad enough to leave? Or good enough to stay?

Wise Readers: When you get involved with someone, do you find yourself wondering whether their behavior is bad enough to justify leaving them? Or do you wonder whether it’s good enough to stay? The orientation of your question is important so you avoid would-be abusers.

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