Why are you still single? How to turn this question to your advantage

You know that annoying question, Why are you still single? Here’s my answer—and how you can turn that question to your advantage: 



Broken trust? This brand new book is here to help

Wise Readers,

Are you struggling with trusting a partner again? Or with whether to stay or go? If your partner has violated a cherished expectation—that’s broken trust. A new, research-based book is the first to take you step-by-step through whether to recover, and how, whether the issue is an affair or something else. I loved the book so much, I endorsed it:

“Love is not enough: we need trust, too. Yet all too often, partners violate that trust. Why does this happen? Can your relationship’s foundation be repaired, or is it wiser to leave? And if you stay, how can you restore your damaged trust? Regardless of the type of betrayal, authors Tim Cole and Emily Duddleston use research, examples, and activities to help couples become closer, stronger, and wiser than before. Broken Trust is indispensable—the go-to resource I’m recommending for my own clients who are working through betrayals and their inevitable but conquerable aftermath.”

When I reviewed the book prior to publication, I kept thinking how I couldn’t wait to tell everyone to get it. The wait is over. Pass it on!




Empowering Women In Love

Wise readers/listeners, 

My NEW podcast is up, at Rise Up For You—self-improvement for women in their love relationships. I hope you enjoy!


How Long Should You Date Around (After You've Met Someone You Like)

Wise Readers: 

How long should a woman continue dating around—or at least being open to meeting new partners—after meeting someone she likes? Tune into my NEW PODCAST/VIDEO with Single In Stilettos!


Dealing With Dating Burnout

Wise Readers, You’re tired. You can’t stand one more bad date. Should you take a break—or not? Read on!

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