Moving a Stagnant Relationship towards Commitment

Wise Readers:
How can you move a stagnant relationship to commitment? It’s probably not what you think! NEW interview with Single In Stilettos founder Suzanne Oshima is here:



dealing with dating burnout

Wise Readers,

Why do so many of us burn out on dating—and what can we do instead? I hope you enjoy this video podcast with Single In Stilettos!


Six times women say yes but shouldn't

Wise Readers, if you’ve ever looked back and thought, “Why did I date them?!” this is for you!




Love Factually to be released in fifth language

Wise Readers,

Thanks to you and agent Sylvia Hayse, Love Factually will be released in its fifth language: Polish! Your love for the book means that not only is LF available globally in English, but it’s to be published in Spanish globally by Planeta; Japanese (Shasta); Vietnamese (AZ Vietnam); and now Polish (Helion). 

Thank you for your Amazon reviews, your letters to me, and your word-of-mouth. Let’s get love—factually—around the world!


Where are you? The science of finding love online (video)

Wise Readers,


Where are you? The Science of Finding Love Online

 I hope you enjoy this YouTube video of my free seminar delivered 8/26/17 at the Eugene Public Library.

—Who are you and what are your goals?
—Who uses the ‘Net for dating, and what are their results?
—What kind of sites/apps are best for you?
—How many?
—How can you write a killer online ad?
—And more!

Thank you to Elle Oloresisimo for taking and posting the video, and for coming from Canada to attend this event!