Stuff You Wish You Hadn't Put Up With, And What To Require Instead

Wise Readers/Listeners,


You know all that stuff you put up with in past partners, but wish you hadn’t? It’s probably in this NEW interview of mine:




Something Off About Your New Love? Trust Your Gut

Ever have that gut feeling your partner isn’t right for you? Intuition is a make-or-break—yes, per science. Here, my NEW podcast on the topic, with Suzanne Oshima  and Cupids’ Pulse: 



Love & Loneliness

Wise Readers, how weird that it’s taken this many years for me to do a show on loneliness—but Zack Smith, the radio DJ for this show at KDSB, made it happen in an hour-long interview. Here’s hoping it helps you feel a lot more connected and a lot less lonely. 



Body Talk: Your body language and dating

Wise Readers, ever wonder whether someone’s interested in you, or how you can use body language to let someone know you’re into them? Check out my NEW podcast on Shiny Things with Lisa Mitchell!



Why Smart, Successful Women Can Fail At Love

Ever wonder why you’re so smart and successful at everything but love? That’s how I felt too. This podcast at Single in Stilettos is my new take on the topic: