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"Love is friendship set to music."

Fantastic!!! This wedding announcement arrived with the note, “I will always credit you with helping me find my dream!!” 

May your marriage be filled with friendship, support, love, and laughter, Holly and Rich.  Thank you for letting me be a small part of your journey.



The fastest route between you and a proposal

How do you move your relationship off dead-center when you want a commitment?

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Q&A from "How Big A Ring?"

Wise Readers, what’s the most creative way you can dream up to solve The Ring problem(s)—problems such as dealing with other people’s reactions to the absence of a Ring, figuring out whether or not to surprise the bride-to-be with a Ring at the proposal, or dealing with one’s own feelings about what/when to buy? Read on!

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How Big A Ring? (+ Q&A from Wedding Date)

Dear Duana, I am in a monogomous relationship with a woman that I love very much, and she me….I would like to propose to her soon, like around the holidays, and do it in a very romantic fashion. The problem is this: there is no way that I can currently afford to buy a diamond engagement ring. (This is where I need help).

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