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For a happier marriage, celebrate more

Marriage isn’t just for the bad times, and in fact, how you react to your beloved’s good news could be crucial.  Brain scans show that happier couples are happy for each other, and pay attention to one another’s happiness: 





Scientists Have Discovered The Secret To Lasting Love~so why aren't we listening?

Science highlights five long-known secrets to lasting love, and why we aren’t paying (enough) attention~new LoveScience article at redOrbit



Passionate Kisses: NOT too much to ask!

Do most couples start out with passionate kisses? And what if your liplock has lost its luster?

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Q&A from "Passionate Kisses: Too much to ask?"

Wise Readers, Your resounding response to the Passionate Kisses column? No!—It’s not too much to ask! Indeed, many of you insist on them. Beyond that, you had questions: Why is the husband’s (but not wife’s) memory for courtship such an important predictor of whether a marriage will last? Is it shallow to insist on passionate kisses from the very start of a relationship? What do scientists really know about kissing? Is there a distinction between emotional and physical passion—and can either one last forever? Read on!

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