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I Can't Make You Love Me...Or Can I?

Dear Duana, Daniel and I are the same in just about everything, with one exception: I love him and want to marry him, and Daniel hasn’t made up his mind. We’ve been friends for a decade, and eight years ago he suffered heartbreak when his then-girlfriend dumped him to marry someone else…[He’s said he can never get over her and can’t love anyone else.] How can I make this into a lasting relationship, make him see we are perfect for each other, and get Daniel to reciprocate my love?

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Q&A from "Love At First Sight, Or The Truth About Lies"

Is love at first sight really *hindsight*—thinking we must have loved our beloved all along? Do other mammals fall in love at first sight? And what’s the timeframe for Trusting that our lover isn’t a liar? Read on!

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