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Q&A from "The Ex Files: How and why to get along with your former mate"

How and why can Exes *avoid* the expense and pain of court for custody issues? How can you set boundaries without legal involvement? Or handle things when the other parent is a no-show, or the child doesn’t want to see him or her? Do kids *really* need two parents—and how to make that happen? Do the rules need to be the same at both houses? Read on!

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Q&A from "Ignorance or Ignore-ance? How to prevent abuse"

Wise Readers,One woman’s intuition gave her panic attacks—and she blamed her gut, not her guy! WHY do women ignore what they know? How is abuse different in homosexual relationships? How do abusers groom and pick their targets? And how can you *really* prevent child sexual abuse? (Hint: If you’re relying on the school district or institutions to do this—think again.) Read on!

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Q&A from "When Men Batter Women"

Abusers: How do they fool cops, courts, counselors, and YOU? Why do women have such a tough time leaving? Should we be telling abused women to Get Out Now? Don’t women abuse men, too? And what do Love Science readers who have liberated themselves from abuse say?

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