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The 30 Minute Sex Cure

Wise Readers,

Ever wonder what’s the single biggest thing you could do to enhance your ability to have orgasms, maintain your stamina in bed, and improve your sex life in many other ways?  Today’s my debut at redOrbit, a hard-science news outlet that has asked me to contribute regularly at a new sex and relationships area.  I hope you enjoy this article:





How to have firmer erections without drugs, devices, or deceptions. Yes, really.

How can you have firmer erections, more orgasms, better orgasms, and feel sexier—for free?

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Q&A from "Exercise: This is a pubic service announcement"

Wise Readers, Do you have to lose weight to get the sexual and other benefits of a half-hour’s daily walk/workout? What’s a skinny fat person? Why does why we exercise—our motivator—matter, and how can you tap into the most effective motivator? And losing weight’s the easy part. How do you *keep* it off? Read on!

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Exercise: This is a pubic service announcement

Wise Readers, Swimsuits—they’re not what we’re discussing today. Nor are we broaching penis size, much as I enjoy saying ‘penis size’ and even though it’s the topic men ask me about the most. Instead, we’re discussing something vital to swimsuits and penises—and vaginas— everywhere…

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