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LoveScience at I Heart Radio/Savvy Central: Myths of Love

Wise Readers~Are people ready to change when they’ve hurt long enough?  And if so, what can they learn that will help them change?



Superwomen: Be Inspired to launch your super career

Women in Business:  A new online summit is shaping up to give you first-person accounts of how others have fulfilled their dreams (or in my case, gradually stumbled into them) of having the careers they love. Your work life is not only about money—it should be about joy too, right? I participated as a guest, I shared personal information I’ve never told before, I love this interviewer, and I think you will really get a lot out of signing up—FREE!



How having self-respect is being hard-to-get

Women: hard-to-get has a bad name—because people think it’s being manipulative, bitchy, and selfish.  Done right, it’s none of those things (and after all, when you make him twenty breakfasts hoping for commitment, that’s not manipulation-free…).  What is it?  

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: of yourself.  

NEW podcast at the badboy breakthrough:  http://badboybreakthrough.com/049-duana-welch-play-hard-get-win/

Show notes for those who prefer to read it: http://badboybreakthrough.com/podcasts/


Love Logically: How women have shaped men's emotions, and why it matters

Wise Readers:

Men are the more emotional sex…and women made them that way.  How this can be true, and why it matters, is the topic of this new podcast at the Art of Charm






The Science of Cheating, A to Z

Wise Readers:

Why do affairs happen?  Is it different for women versus men?  What should a man or woman do after they’ve been unfaithful—and how can you affair-proof your marriage?  All this and more is at today’s podcast appearance on the Art of Manliness: