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The Love Factually books’ non-English language world rights are for sale. Please contact Sylvia Hayse of the Hayse Literary Agency at Sylvia@sylviahayseliterary.com.


For Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do, global rights have been sold in Spanish (Planeta), Japanese (Shasta), Polish (Helion), and Vietnamese (A-Z Vietnam). It is under review in other languages. To review for possible publication, please contact Sylvia Hayse of the Hayes Literary Agency at Sylvia@sylviahayseliterary.com.








 For Love Factually for Single Parents [& Those Dating Them], all foreign rights are currently available; the book launches for global sales in English on January 7, 2019. To review for possible publication, please contact Sylvia Hayse of the Hayes Literary Agency at Sylvia@sylviahayseliterary.com.


About Dr. Duana Welch and the Love Factually books: 

Dr. Duana Welch (pronounced DWAY-nah) is known for using social science to solve real-life relationship issues. Her first book, Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do, is now out globally in five languages. Love Factually for Single Parents [& Those Dating Them] is the second book in the series, coming out on January 7, 2019. Both books rely on science rather than opinion to help men and women find and keep the right partner. She has contributed to Psychology Todayand numerous other publications, in addition to teaching psychology across 20 years at universities and colleges in California, Florida, and Texas. Her client practice is global, via Skype and other technologies. Thanks to science and Vic Hariton, she is happily married. For more information and free content, see www.LoveFactually.co. 



About Love Factually for Single Parents [& Those Dating Them]:  

Marriages may come and go, but parenthood is forever. But what if you could have both—a great family life, and a happy lifetime love? The fact is, you can—by relying on what’s known about relationships all around the world. If you’re parenting solo, you may have seen that most dating books sound as if the world is child-free, and as though opinion is all that’s available. Enter Love Factually For Single Parents [& Those Dating Them]—the  first guide that relies on science to help this large and growing group of men and women find the right partner not only for themselves, but their families. From getting over your ex to finding time to date, and from finding your partner to blending families, the Single Parents edition of this popular book paves the way so you win at lifetime love. 



“In Love Factually, Duana Welch has written—AT LAST—a superb research-based, reader-friendly guide to dating and mating after a significant romantic relationship has ended. Many, many people are going to be helped by this book.”

~Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Ph.D.

Author of Couple Therapy: A New Hope-Focused Approach


“If you are a single parent in the dating arena, you simply have to read this book. Duana Welch took on this challenge in her own life, and solved it with science and experience. Brilliant.”



“Love Factually for Single Parents is a terrific book. It systematically identifies all of the key challenges single parents and those dating them face. Importantly, it provides an accurate guide through these challenges with scientifically sound advice about how to navigate them. I recommend this book for all single parents, all people dating single parents, and anyone who has a friend or loved-one who is going through these life challenges. Every reader will finish wiser in the complex real-life game of mating. 

~David Buss, Ph.D., author of The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating


“A wise, hopeful, and yes, factual guide for everyone who has loved and lost. This book will heal your heart and help you love again—this time, for life.” 

~Susan Page, author of If I’m So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single? 


“Everyone deserves love, including you! Love Factually for Single Parents [& Those Dating Them] gives you actionable, practical strategies to take control and successfully navigate the classic dating challenges of a single parent, based on solid relationship science that will prepare you for a great relationship. So don’t sit back and hope love happens. Instead, get the facts for you and your children. You will love reading this book!”

~Dr. Terri Orbuch (PhD), author of “5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage From Good to Great” and “Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship”


“We don’t get this mating training at home growing up. Either we educate ourselves about the science that is invisibly impacting us, or we continue to grope in the dark wondering why we can’t find the right mate. Add children to the equation and people definitely need this wonderfully specialized book.”

~Joan Norton, attorney-mediator, family law


“A must read for single parents seeking a lifetime relationship. Love Factually for Single Parents [& Those Dating Them] is an insightful, encouraging, no-nonsense, research-based guide that provides all the knowledge, skills, and tools people need to succeed at the complicated task of creating lasting love.” 

~Tim Cole, PhD., author of Broken Trust: Overcoming an Intimate Betrayal


“What a gift this book is! With Dr. Duana Welch by your side, you’ll find laughter, healing, and balance as a parent and a person; learn to embrace happiness and fulfillment while safely and effectively navigating the dating process for yourself and your children; and ultimately, find a partner to fearlessly love. As a licensed professional counselor working with people facing these very challenges, and as a single parent myself, I highly recommend this book!” 

~Carrie Lynne Pietig, licensed professional counselor




About Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do:

Love + Science = 

The only fact-based book to take men and women from before-you-meet until you commit, Love Factually blends heart, soul—and science. In a genre long on opinion and short on proof, Love Factually puts all the evidence in your corner for the most important and daunting task of our lives: finding and keeping The One.


 “If you are going to read any book about love – make it Love Factually.  Duana Welch has written an inspiring, perceptive, truthful analysis about love, which will undoubtedly lead you to finding a better relationship, and hopefully what you are ultimately searching for.”

~ eHarmony


“Finally we have a research-based guide for how to sensibly select a partner. A must read for all those of us seeking a lasting love.”~

~Dr. John Gottman, author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work


Love Factually is a great book.  It’s anchored in solid science. It brings key principles to life with gripping real-life mating stories. And importantly, it brims with practical advice in the form of concrete actions everyone  can take to improve their love lives.  If you plan to read one book to improve your mating life, this is the one to read.” 

~David M. Buss, Ph.D., author of The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating


 “This book is a ray of hope in a world of cynicism.  Even better, it’s hope founded on fact.  In my twenty-plus years writing about and helping couples find and keep good partnerships, I’ve seen an increase in fear, a major roadblock to love.  Readers of this book will learn why holding onto hope is realistic, as well as how to move through their fears, create lasting love, and feel better about themselves in the process.  Love Factuallyis a helping, healing journey.”

~Susan Page, author, If I’m So Wonderful, Why am I Still Single?


 “Love Factually is a real treat: a smart, funny page-turner, full of heart and based on the best science.  If you’re at any stage of the dating process, you’ll get the clear, doable steps you’ve needed all along to find and keep the right life partner.  And if you’re already happily wed, you’ll be entertained by all the sage advice you can pass on to others. I was hooked from the first chapter, and I’m married and know the research inside out!” 

~Dr. Linda J. Waite, professor of sociology at the University of Chicago, and author of The Case For Marriage



“If you want to transform your dating life into an effective search that significantly increases your odds of meeting the right person, Love Factually is a must read. Dr. Duana Welch is like having a kind, gentle, funny, and firm love guide/guru beside you as you traverse the rocky trail of being able to fully embrace a healthy, deeply fulfilling, satisfying and enriching relationship. I recommend this book to my clients, and to men and women who are serious about investing in themselves in order to become, and attract, the person they want and deserve.” 

~Carrie Lynne Pietig, LPC-S, using Gottman Method Couples Therapy in private practice


“For over two decades, we’ve said it: Follow The Rules and you’ll get the love of your life! Break them and you’ll get your heart broken. Finally, there’s proof to back up why hard-to-get is great to do, and it’s in this book. Love Factuallyis like having Malcolm Gladwell and Brene’ Brown gene-splice with Dear Abby and The Rules. The Steps here are fantastic, and it’s a great, fun read we highly recommend!”

~Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider, authors of The RulesAll the Rules, and Not Your Mother’s Rules       


 “Love Factuallyis a sure bestseller you won’t be able to put down until you’ve read it cover-to-cover.  Duana Welch’s wise counsel, warm voice, and fact-based approach ensure that men and women alike will never again have to suffer the stomach-churning pain of yet another relationship gone wrong.  Love Factuallyoffers encouragement, hope, and well considered, proven answers for all who want to know how to find and sustain a loving and secure relationship.”

~Derek Collinson, HowDoIDate.com