Identify Abusers Before They Abuse You--FREE book April 15-19

Wise Readers:

Do you match ANY of the following?

—You’re a woman

—You’re vulnerable in some way (job loss, single parent, chronic condition, or formerly abused)

—You’re a therapist

—You have children who are in middle school or older

—You work with young people


If so, you need this book: Love Factually: Your Guide to Identifying Abusers Before They Abuse You. This is the first Love Factually Singles book I’ve offered at a reduced cost of 99 cents.

And from April 15-19, it’s FREE at Amazon. 

Why? Because this book will save a life. Maybe it will be yours, or your clients’ or kids’ or the kids you teach and coach. Maybe it will save the life of someone you don’t know—a person who heard about the book through your friend, who shared because you did.

This book provides the 25 pre-abuse indicators and the three sources you should trust to help you identify abusers before they ever get close enough to hurt you and those you love. And of course, all the information is based on rock-solid science, rather than opinion alone. 

I’m giving this book away because over my two decades of coaching and answering letters as a Love Scientist, I’ve seen the impact abuse has had on people’s lives—not only at the time of abuse, but going forward. And I know from science that everywhere in the world, women’s greatest odds of being abused or even killed between ages 15-50 are at the hands of the male partner who swore to love them. Not only that—but if you’re female and you’ve ever been abused, or you’re vulnerable in any way (such as being a single parent), male abusers are seeking you out to abuse you (and possibly your children) again. 

Let’s stop that. Abuse is entirely preventable. Will you read this short book and protect yourself? Will you share this widely, right now?

Save a life: share this book!







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